UX Strategy & Design

CLIENT: Riparide - DATE: 2015

Riparide - Adventurous Living

Adventurous Startup

Riparide - the brainchild of Marlon Law - is a marketplace startup helping people live adventurously. With a focus on the "Adventures" that individuals can detail and the "Stuff" that can be used within those adventures. Where it differs to competitors is the story telling around the adventures, showcasing to everyone the great activities awaiting just around the corner.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Working directly with the founders, this greenfield project went through many iterations along its journey. Much work went into researching & understanding the target market, business direction, and initial position of the brand. Simplifying this into the concept around "Adventures" and "Stuff" and the interplay between both saw great initial success. Mobile first direction was a must given the brands birth from Instagram.

Riparide Wireframes

UI Kit

To help this project move quickly, I developed a UI Kit based on Atomic design approach. This allowed us to work through the broad scope of required launch outcomes. It was designed for simplicity, speed and Heroing photography, which was critical to the success in selling the proposition to a predominantly Gen X demographic accessing via social media and mobile.

Riparide UI Kit

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