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CLIENT: Artboardz™ - DATE: 2011

Artboardz Logo

Customised Art Surfboards

Founded by myself and friend Kaine Whiteway, Artboardz™ was born from a desire to put our artwork onto our surfboards. Having a digital art background, it became apparent very quickly that there was no simple, cost effective method in the market to do this. So we set about building a online based, high quality finish, deliver to your door globally surfboard art business.

Quiksilver Home Page


The critical and essential point of contact for the business. I built a fully customised store front on the indie ecommerce platform Big Cartel. The website featured the Artist program as well as blanks ready for your art. Matched to this was a custom form and storage system for handling the large file sizes required. To compliment this an extensive array of tutorials and help pages to give customers everything they needed.

iOS App

To maximise engagement, a iOS APP was developed that allowed a commentary/voting function against user uploaded artwork. This increased the appeal of the function and created a small but growing fan base for the brand that was leveraged into social channels.
Further to this the APP also provided details on board art production and ordering, leveraging the APP Store as means to grow customer base.


Artboardz™ represents an artistic mindset in an action sports marketplace. The branding has roots in graffiti yet is stylised with key devices, like the paint drips to convey a hand produced feel in a digital space.
Design and Production of all branding and marketing collateral, from Logo through to the websites & APP and printed items was by myself.

Artist Program

A key element in the launch of Artboardz™ was an Artist Program. This not only showcased the possible outcomes, but gave those not artistically inclined, fantastic options to buy or gift. Key contemporary artists including, GHOSTPATROL, Maxim Cyr, Matei Apostolescu provided some amazing artwork and were matching by up and coming artists like Justin Acca and Marion Bolognesi. With the later gaining international attention from her Artboardz™ which helped launch her career.

Enjoy a selection below, of some of the brilliant Artboardz™ from the program - including my own ;)

Matie Apostolescu Andrew Strack Ghostpatrol Marion Bolognesi Maxim Cyr Justin Acca

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